Technical – Trailer No.54 (1893)

Built: G.F Milnes, Birkenhead
Delivered to M.E.R:
Summer 1893

1893-Current: Milnes Series 1

Seating Capacity:

1893-Current: 44


1894: Fitted with Curved Canvas Roof
1903: Fitted with Curved Wooden Roof
Winter 1937/38: Rebuilt with full-height Bulkheads


1893-1898: Trailer No.16
1898-1903/04: Trailer No.33
1903/04-Current: Trailer No.54

Winter 1937/38


1893-1894: Brown (Cream Numbering, Brown (Lined Yellow/Cream) Bulkheads with Douglas & Laxey Coast Electric Tramway lettering), Brown Valance, and Grey Footboards.

1894-Winter 1937/38: Brown (Yellow Numbering, Brown (Lined Yellow) Bulkheads), Brown Valance, White Roof and Grey Footboards.

Winter 1937/38-Pre 1965: Red/Teak (White Numbering, Red/Teak Bulkheads), Red Valance, White Roof and Grey Footboards.

Post 1965-Current: Red/White (White Numbering, Red/White/Teak (Lined Yellow) Bulkheads with M.E.R Crest), White Valance, White Roof and Grey Footboards.

Notable Dates:

07/05/2002 – Moved from Laxey Car Shed to Derby Castle Groudle Siding for further storage

08/05/2002 – Moved from Derby Castle Groudle Siding to Homefield Bus Garage for further storage (by road)

27/11/2009 – Moved from Homefield Bus Garage to Derby Castle for further storage (by road)

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