Website gets it’s 100,000th viewer.

Car No.20 at Ramsey with an evening service for Derby Castle, July 2011.

First off, apologies that this contains little ‘news’ on the M.E.R. itself however the website team feel it’s worth a mention!

After just over 19 months online, has passed it’s 100,000th viewer for all time.

The website was started as a ‘summer project’ to promote the line however quickly snowballed into a lot more thanks to an incredible amount of support and contributions from all over the globe. What we believe to be the most extensive M.E.R. resource available on the web would simply not be possible without support from our contributors and friends.  Thanks must also go to the members of our facebook group which has also gone from strength to strength.

The website itself has grown with more sections than originally intended – the extensive vehicle galleries and features pages (both of which recieve regular updates) having not been part of the original plan but being the logical step to take! More of the same will be coming throughout the year – there’s a lot to write about the M.E.R. and we’ve barely scratched the surface!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to ALL our visitors without whom this milestone would not have been reached – with services restarting in just over a week on Saturday 17th, hopefully we’ll see some of you about on the M.E.R. throughout the year!

Dave Martin & Alex Fairlie

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