Rush Hour 2016 Review

The Easter Weekend of 25th-28th March saw the third annual ‘Rush Hour’ event organised on the Manx Electric Railway, featuring a variety of enthusiast-based events on the Manx Electric Railway.

This years events incorporated an intensive service on the Sunday as well as several other events recorded below. A gallery of photos featuring the M.E.R. over the Rush Hour period is available by clicking the thumbnails. If you would like your photo included, please contact the web team via the Contacts page or our facebook page.


Friday 25th March

The Friday started off with a parallel run of Cars No.20 and Car No.16 between Derby Castle and Groudle, with a photo-stop at Lag Birragh. The combination was chosen to commemorate the start of the new season in a unique way, both Cars spelling 2016! After arrival and a brief photo-call at Groudle, both returned in parallel to Derby Castle.

Tours of Derby Castle Car Sheds were ran by in association with the workshop staff at Derby Castle, and a separate review of this event is available HERE.

Cars 1 and 2 were also in use, operating the following diagrams:

  • Car 1: (D2) 10:10 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 11:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle, 13:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 15:10 Ramsey-Derby Castle
  • Car 2: (D3) 10:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 12:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle, 14:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey,  16:10 Ramsey to Derby Castle.Other car sets in use were Car No.19 as the Laxey Starting set (L1), and Car No.22 as the first Derby Castle starting set. In the afternoon, No.22 was swapped with Car No.16 due to a controller fault on the former, with the Open Crossbench car working the 16:10 Derby Castle to Ramsey, and 17:40 Ramsey to Laxey.


Saturday March 26th

Torrential wind and rain saw the Colour Clashes event planned reduced in scale – but however, problems with coupling bars and No.16 out as the Laxey Starting set saw an eventful day all the same!  The following combinations ran in service:

  • Car No.5/Trailer No.41: (D1) 09:40 Derby Castle-Ramsey (Trailer No.41 dropped at Laxey Car Shed)
    Car No.5/Trailer No.40 (D1) 11:10 Ramsey-Derby Castle (Trailer No.40 picked up at Ramsey)
    Car No.5 (D1) 12:40 Derby Castle-Ramsey (Picked up Trailer No.41 at Laxey Car Shed)
    Car No.5/Trailer No.41 (D1) 14:40 Ramsey-Derby Castle, 16:10 Derby Castle-Laxey
  • Car No.19 (D2): 10:10 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 11:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle, 13:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 15:10 Ramsey-Derby Castle
  • Car No.21 (D3) 10:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 12:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle, 14:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey,  16:10 Ramsey to Derby Castle.
  • Car No.16/Trailer 40 (L1) 09:10 Laxey-Ramsey (dropped Trailer No.40 at Ramsey)
    Car No.16 (L1) 10:10 Ramsey-Derby Castle, 11:40 Derby Castle-Ramsey, 13:40 Ramsey-Derby Castle (swapped out for Car No.22)
    Car No.22 (L1) 15:10 Derby Castle-Ramsey, 16:40 Ramsey-Derby Castle.

Car No.19/Trailer No.60 was scheduled to run as the D2 set, however problems with the coupling bar saw Trailer No.60 left at Derby Castle, Car No.19 proceeding single-motor.


Sunday March 27th

The day saw limited edition stamp covers available for purchase from Vans No.4 and Van No.16 at Laxey Station. Van No.4 was conveyed by Car No.16 on the outbound, and Car No.20/Trailer 47 on the return, with No.16 conveyed by Car No.22/Trailer No.46 on the outbound, Car No.19 on the return.

A special intensive timetable between Derby Castle and Laxey with 9 sets was operated for the majority of the day, with the following Car sets in use:

  • Car No.22/Trailer 46
  • Car No.16
  • Car No.2
  • Car No.21
  • Car No.19
  • Car No.1
  • Car No.20/Trailer No.47
  • Car No.6
  • Car No.5/Trailer No.41

In the evening a special free ‘Evening Photography’ event was ran at Derby Castle Car Sheds between 19:00 and 21:00. Participants were able to photograph a series of cameo scenes, including the posing of Cars No.5, No.6, No.22 and No.2 on the Top Shed fan, Cars No.20 and No.21 inside the Top Shed, and Cars No.7 and No.14 in the Bottom Shed.Cars No.1 and No.9 ran two special parallel runs to Groudle Glen, departing at 19:15 and 20:15, with a photostop at Howstrake in between.


Monday March 28th

‘Tunnel’ Car No.5 operated a series of Driver Experience Taster sessions between Laxey and Dhoon Quarry, which gave participants a longer run than the previously advertised Laxey-Garwicks! The Car also hauled Trailer No.60 for display at Laxey throughout the day, returning to Derby Castle shortly after 17:00. The day also saw all four winter saloons on the service, with the cars operating the following services:

  • Car No.22 (D1, picked up Trailer No.41 for the 16:10 Derby Castle-Laxey)
  • Car No.21 (D2)
  • Car No.20 (D3)
  • Car No.19/Trailer 41 (L1, dropped Trailer No.41 at Derby Castle)


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