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January 2014 sees two new DVD Releases including Manx Electric Railway content, including the 2013 ‘Year Review’ from Videoscene, and a broader title ‘The Trams and Electric Railways of the Isle of Man’, from Bob Hodges Transport DVD’s.

The first, the Videoscene 2013 review is a 65-minute long production was filmed at points during the Spring and Summer, including the following:

Spring: Starting in May, highlights from three days of operation with the rare combination of cars 16+41 on Ramsey service, plus 9+59 and 19+58 on the Friday. On the Saturday car 16 works with 57 and trailer 56 is stabled in the now-lifted dual gauge siding at Laxey. On the Sunday, 21+56 are paired up, with cars 9, 19, 20, 47 and 59 also in action.

Summer: Footage from the summer is from the two main days of the Heritage Transport festival with an intensive service on the MER. On 26th July, a ten minute Douglas – Laxey service operates in the morning with an incredible 11 sets, (22 trams) in service. All of them are featured. On 28th July, an intensive service to Ramsey operates with 21 trams in service. All are featured on the Northern section.

The DVD will be available in mid-February 2014 from Videoscene, priced at £11.95.

The second, from Bob Hodges Transport DVDs is a 75-minute long production, covering events during the July 2013 Transport Festival, and features the Douglas Horse Trams, the Manx Electric and Snaefell Mountain Railways. There is no commentary or subtitles with this production, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the railways.

The DVD is available from Videoscene, priced at £12.50.

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