March 2013 Strike Services Report


Car No.20 and Trailer No.57 loading up at Laxey with the 07:10 ex-Derby Castle. © Andrew Scarffe

A third period of strike action by bus drivers on the island saw the Manx Electric Railway run Bus Replacement services again on the morning and afternoon of Thursday 6th March. With drivers striking in two two-hour periods between 7:30am/9:30am and 3pm/5pm, the M.E.R. saw just over five hours use between 07:10-09:55, and 14:40-17:25 with five journeys operating in each direction from Derby Castle and Ramsey.


Car No.20 and Trailer No.57 working the return 08:40 ex-Ramsey, pausing at Ballagorry to unload. © Andrew Scarffe

The timetable (available HERE) and Car/Trailer allocation was again based mainly on the requirements of the various schools along the route, some of which were again holding exams. With this as a priority, the following sets saw operation on the following services.

  • Car No.5 – 07:10 Ramsey to Derby Castle, 15:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey
  • Car No.6/Trailer No.59 – 08:10 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 15:10 Ramsey to Derby Castle
  • Car No.9/Trailer No.58 – 07:20 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 15:55 Ramsey to Derby Castle
  • Car No.20 – 07:10 Derby Castle to Ramsey (with Trailer No.57), 08:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle (with Trailer No.57), 14:40 Derby Castle to Ramsey, 16:10 Ramsey to Derby Castle.

Car No.6 with Trailer No.59 operating the 15:10 ex-Ramsey, departing Laxey. © Andrew Scarffe

In addition, Car No.5 ran an engineering trip from Derby Castle between its two timetabled workings, and Car No.33 was also out on test from Derby Castle to Laxey and return. The services were well patronised allowing the M.E.R. to show its usefulness as a ‘people mover’ for the third time in four months.

Thanks to Andrew Scarffe for information.

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