‘Mad Sunday’ June 2017 Report

The TT “Mad Sunday” event happened on this year on the 4th of June 2017 – A very busy day on the Manx Electric Railway with the following 12 car sets in service:

Car No.2 and Trailer No.44
Car No.5 and Trailer No.51
Car No.6 and Trailer No.41
Car No.7 and Trailer No.48
Car No.9 and Trailer No.40
Car No.16 and Trailer No.60
Car No.19 and Trailer No.47
Car No.20 and Trailer No.43
Car No.21 and Trailer No.58
Car No.22 and Trailer No.46
Car No.32 and Trailer No.62
Car No.33 and Trailer No.61

The day saw the return to service of Trailer No.62 following a truck and axle overhaul after an absence of nine years from traffic.

Also making its debut for the 2017 season was Trailer No.60 newly repainted in red and white livery. No.60 was coupled to Car No.16, which saw its first use in service since lettering and lining out (following its appearance at the Easter ‘Rush Hour’ event in ‘Austerity’ Livery).

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