July & August 2013 News Roundup

Car No.2, Wagon No.8 and Van No.4 on private hire duties at Lewaigue on the 31st of July. © Alex Fairlie

Rolling Stock

A full fleet update for the period can be found HERE.

Timetable and Services

  • A private hire was undertaken by the Manx Transport Enthusiasts Club on the evening of July 31st, with Car No.2 hauling Van No.4 and Wagon No.8 on a return trip from Derby Castle to Lewaigue, the first time in many years a ‘Car, Wagon and Van’ consist has operated.
  • Travel company ‘Inside Track’ also undertook a private hire, this being on Saturday 27th of July, with Cars 1 and 2 (with Trailer No.59) running in parallel between Derby Castle and Groudle. Car No.2 then returned to the car shed, with Car No.2 and Trailer No.59 continuing to Ramsey and return.

Groudle Glen Station Building and Booking Office post-repaint, on the evening of the 5th of July. © Andrew Scarffe

On The Line

  • A full repaint for Groudle Station Building and Booking Office was undertaken by volunteers of the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust during early July in preparation for the September 7th 120th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • A similar repaint to Laxey Station Building commenced during late August, with work concentrating on the roof and exterior of the building.
  • Following suggested preservation attempts for the Laxey Substation and Mercury Arc Rectifer equipment, it was decided in mid-August to let Laxey Goods Shed out to become a Manx Electric Railway Museum, the first time such an establishment has been open since the early 2000s. Fundraising and work for the project is expected to be undertaken in the near future

Special Events

  • A full review of the Manx Heritage Transport Festival events that took place in late July can be found HERE.

Thanks to all for news and information!

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