Summer 2013 Fleet Update

Car No.32/Van No.4 and Car No.7/Trailer No.48 await service at Derby Castle, July 2013 © Alex Fairlie

Car No.32/Van No.4 and Car No.7/Trailer No.48 await service at Derby Castle, July 2013 © Alex Fairlie

June to August 2013


  • Car No.7 returned to passenger traffic as part of the service fleet during early June, and remains in traffic, working usually with it’s booked partner, Trailer No.48.
  • Car No.22 also returned to the service fleet, it’s first daily diagram being on the 26th of July, where it was worked with Trailer No.56. However, it encountered controller problems during the day at Scarffe’s Crossing, and was sent back to Derby Castle for further repair. It however returned to full traffic in mid-August and remains a stable performer.
  • Car No.32 returned to at Laxey after the conclusion of the TT Fortnight for further use as a standby and works car. It was moved to Derby Castle for use with scheduled private hires and Transport Festival events at the end of July, moving back during early August.
  • Car No.33 unfortunately failed during the TT Fortnight in June with a traction motor fault. The errant motor was removed from the car in mid-July, and will be repaired. The car remains stored in the middle road of the Derby Castle Bottom Shed while this work is undertaken.
  • Locomotive No.34 has returned to Derby Castle Car Sheds after a stint as the Laxey Car Shed-based works car.

Wagons and Other

  • Van No.4 was used for two postal specials and a private hire during the Summer Period. It was tripped to Laxey Blacksmith’s Siding on the 24th of July behind Car No.2, later returning to Derby Castle as a ‘postal special’ with Car No.2/Trailer No.48. The event was repeated again on Sunday 28th of July, with the van left in the Laxey Blacksmiths Siding by Car No.32, and returned to Derby Castle by Car No.5/Trailer No.46. It was used again on the 31st of July, as part of a Manx Transport Enthusiasts/TLP Private Hire from Derby Castle to Lewaigue, in consist with Car No.2 and Wagon No.8.
  • Wagon No.8 saw an unprecedented amount of use in the Summer period from it’s base at Laxey Car Shed. It initially ran as a Weedkiller Wagon in June, working with Simplex 40S280 in the Ballabeg area. During late July, it was in the consist of two special services, with Car No.7/Trailer No.51 on the 26th of July ‘Terminus Tour’ and the 31st of July Manx Transport Enthusiasts/TLP Private Hire with Car No.2/Van No.4.
  • Van No.16’s overhaul by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust continues in the Blacksmith Siding at Laxey, Repairs to the bodywork are now almost completed and the first coat of grey undercoat is being applied. It is intended to fit the refurbished springs and new mountings soon. A fairly considerable amount of work remains to be carried out to the brake gear. Further work in early August saw the full application of grey undercoat and the refitting of the springs.


Motors & Trailers that have (at the time of writing) have worked on passenger duties in 2013 so far are:


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