April 2012 News Roundup

Car No.1, recently returned to traffic, is seen at Lag Birragh with a photo charter. © David Kelly

Although April has been a very busy month with news and developments on the Manx Electric Railway, there are yet more items to be covered!

  • Following repair to it’s axles and trucks during Autumn/Winter 2011, pioneer 1893-built Car No.1 returned to service on Friday 20th April operating a private photo charter with Van No.4, followed by a return to passenger service on Monday 23rd. This is the first time the Car has been in public use since October 2010, although the Car was used for a private hire in May 2011.
  • Following last weeks news item regarding the Laxey Station refurbishment, the plans have now been made available online on the Isle of Man Government website HERE.
  • Cars 7 and 48 were involved in a minor collision at Port Jack on the 12th of the month, when the service traveling northbound hit a taxi on the road crossing. The Cars suffered no damage, and returned to service the following day.
  • Also as an interesting anecdote, April 2012 is the first time the lines’s four 1894-built Tunnel Cars (Nos 5, 6, 7 and 9) have all been in passenger service at the same time since June 2002. With Nos. 19 and 21 soon to return, and No.2 not far behind, 2012 could have the M.E.Rs entire enclosed fleet be in operation for the first time in ten years.

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