Laxey Phase 3 Proposal Details

The familar and timeless station scene at Laxey in 2011.

Proposals for the rebuilding of the Laxey station site have been submitted to the IoM Planning Office, as the third part of the Laxey rebuilding program started in late 2010.

The first part (the rebuilding of Glen Roy viaduct) has already taken place, with the second phase ( the replacement of the 1930s Laxey Substation) having recently gained Tynwald approval. The third phase concentrates on the Laxey station site and adjoining gardens, with large changes planned. The plans have been constructed from both the increasing use of Laxey as an interchange station during recent years, and a consultation with local residents and businesses as well as being put to the Laxey Village Commisioners in mid-February.

Phsyical copies of the plans are available on the Isle of Man Government page  however a short hand version of the proposal follows.

The M.E.R lines through the station will be brought slightly closer to the current station buildings, with the M.E.R/Snaefell Transfer siding removed, along with the crossovers in the station currently used regularly for shunting trailers and service Cars for their return to Derby Castle. The current proposal is for this operation to move to a new site near Ham & Egg Terrace between the second and third M.E.R road crossings towards Ramsey. Track to Laxey Goods Shed and Blacksmiths Siding (regularly used to stable Car sets awaiting return to Derby Castle) are to be removed, and replaced by a pair of sidings between the Mines Tavern and station building (on the site of the original Restaurant lost in 1917 and subsequent food kiosk removed in 2004.

Although no additions to fencing are proposed, a series of new pavements designed to help site drainage and direct passengers away from the running lines are to be added, with ‘deterrent pavement’ similar to that used alongside the Mines Tavern placed between the main road and Goods Shed. Several new lighting fitments on M.E.R. poles are planned to assist with the increased regularity of Sunset Diner traffic using Laxey as an interchange between the M.E.R. and Snaefell Mountain Railway.

It is understood that there are no plans to alter any of the buildings on the site however it is apparent that Laxey Station and the surrounding area are due to undergo an unprecedented amount of change over the next few years should the planning application reach Tynwald Approval.

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