Technical – Trailer No.43 (1903)

Built: G.F Milnes, Castle Car Works, Hadley, Shropshire
Delivered to M.E.R:
November 1903

1903-Current: Milnes Series 3

Seating Capacity:

1903-Current: 44

Overhauls/Works Attention:
Summer 2015/16: Truck attention


Dates Carried Livery Notes Image
1903-1904 White/Teak with Unknown Lettering
1904-1940s Red/White/Teak with ‘The Manx Electric Railway Company Ltd’ lettering  Repainted 1938
1940s-1960s Red/White/Teak
1960s-Spring 1988 Red/White/Teak
Spring 1988-Spring 2000 Red/Teak
Spring 2000-Summer 2003 Red/White/Teak
Summer 2003-Spring 2007 Red/White/Teak
Spring 2007-Winter 2015 Red/White/Teak Fitted with ‘Manx Electric Railway’ kicker boards ex-Trailer No.41 Spring 2012
Winter 2015-Current Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway’ lettering.   Kicker boards removed July 2017 and re-applied November 2017


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