Wickham No.7642

Wickham No.7642 at the Laxey Snaefell Car Shed, 1960s. © Travel Lens Photographic

Builder: Wickham of Ware
Build Number: 7642
Built: 1957

Current Status/Location: Unknown
Year Last Operated: 1991
Livery: Yellow/Black

History: Wickham No.7642 was built in 1957 for the Civil Aviation Authority, and arrived on the Snaefell Mountain Railway in the same year, joining fellow Wickham Railcar No.5864. It was also purchased for transporting CAA maintenance staff to maintain the aerial mast installation located at the Summit – an all year round task, not possible by the usual electric power as the wires are taken down above the Bungalow in the Winter. In the 1960s the railcar was painted from its original blue livery to yellow and black.

In 1991 No.7642 was returned to Wickham Rail in part exchange for a newer example, No.11730. Following a full overhaul, it has been deployed elsewhere – noted as possibly being exported to Southern Africa!

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