Locomotive No.7 (1896)

Car No.7 at the Summit in the 1900s. © Website Collection

Car No.7 at the Summit in the 1900s. © Website Collection

Scrapped, 1995 1955 Grey


In 1896, the need to transport coal to the Snaefell-line Power Station was evident, as it was located in a remote spot not possible by road access. For this, a Locomotive was built in 1896 using a G.F Milnes-supplied frame and local materials for the body, which was numbered 7, and nicknamed ‘Maria’. This was used during the winter period, borrowing trucks and electrical equipment from one of the passenger cars, most commonly Car No.5, whos wiring was specially modified to ease the transfer.

After the closure of the Power Station in Winter 1924/25, No.7 was then used only for Winter Permanent Way duties. It’s last recorded use was during Winter 1954/55, where it was used to move materials for the construction of the Civil Aviation Authority’s mast on Snaefell Summit.

After completion of these duties, it was stored outside the Snaefell Car Shed on barrels, and later moved to a plot of land to the rear of the Car Sheds. After spending almost 40 years outside and suffering severe deterioration, the remains were cut up during Winter 1995.

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