The Dhoon Quarryman – 30/07/2015

Thursday July 30th saw an all-day photographic tour operated by (in association with Isle of Man Railways). The tour combined staged photography at scenic locations along the line as well as visits to nearly all of the locations related with how the line has carried stone traffic throughout its history.

The itinerary included opportunities for photographs and historical talks at the above places as well as photographic stops at other locations.  The rolling stock in use for the day saw Car No.32 partnered with 1898-built Open Wagons No.8 and No.10.  Regular consists to and from the quarries would have seen the use of Locomotive No.23 in both its original and rebuilt forms, latterly taking the trucks and electrical gear from Car No.33. However, it is likely that due to being the next most powerful available car, No.32 would have been deployed either in addition to No.23 or as a replacement, and it is this that the charter was intended to portray.

Departing Derby Castle at 10:00, a quick photo-stop was held at Lag Birragh, with arrival and recessing at Laxey Car Shed shortly after 10:35. With the 15-minute service necessitating ducking out the way of service cars at points, a second series of photo-stops were held at Dumbells Row and Little Egypt, and the set recessed in the siding at Dhoon Quarry.

After departure from Dhoon Quarry Car No.32 and the wagons ran straight through to Ramsey, with a hours lunch break being given to participants. While this was underway, No.32 received attention to the seaside leading axlebox, which required a small repair. Departure from Ramsey southbound was made at 13:10, with photostops following at Windy Ridge, Ballajora Quarry and Ballaragh.

 The set recessed once again at Laxey at 14:10, however the initial plan to stay in the Refreshment Siding was modified somewhat by the stabling of the IOMR Simplex, 40S280! No.32 and the Wagons were thence uncoupled and pushed close together to allow the passing of Car No.19 on the service southbound, after which the tour departed south, arrival back at Derby Castle being made just after 15:00.

With good weather aiding photography and many happy photographers and enthusiasts taking part, The team would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved with the operation of the tour and all who took part.

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