The Green Wrong Road – 01/08/15

Saturday August 1st 2015 saw the second Charity Railtour operated by, The Green Wrong Road. The tour offered the extremely rare opportunity to cover both lines of the Manx Electric Railway, in both right and wrong directions, both ways!

The day began with warm sunshine, and Car No.16 rolling down to the departure stop shortly after 08:15. Departure for the tour was at 08:30, with the journey being made wrong-line from Derby Castle, on the seaside line. Arrival was a little late at Laxey, with the Ramsey bound 08:40 service car catching the tour up. The service car ran ahead of the tour, with Car No.16 following on to arrive at Ramsey shortly before 10:00.

Departure from Ramsey was made shortly after the service car, arriving back at Derby Castle Car Sheds at 11:30. A rare passenger carrying trip was made inside the shed on Road 2, with participants then unloading on the fanwork to view the progress to Ratchet Car No.14 and the new displays in the Manx Electric Railway Museum. Trailer No.60 was then collected from the shed by Car No.16, and a rare trip from Derby Castle to Fairy Cottage was made, believed to be the first time a passenger carrying service has ever reversed southbound there, and especially rare for it to be the green pairing of No.16 and No.60.

Unfortunately for the next trip, to Laxey, Van No.16 was blocked in on the shed at Derby Castle behind Van No.4, and thus the decision was taken to run to Laxey Car Shed single-motor, running onto the car shed headshunt. During this visit to Laxey Car Shed the opportunity was taken for brief use in passenger service of the two works trailers, Nos. 45 and 52. No.52 was hauled out of the shed on Road 3 to the headshunt and back, and No.45 from the headshunt up to the shed doors on Road 1. A chance for a brief look inside the car shed was also undertaken.

Departure from Laxey Car Shed north saw the car recessed for a lunch-break in the Station Siding at Laxey, whereby afterwards the tour went back to Derby Castle, with a brief photo-stop south of Ballabeg. On arrival at Derby Castle the tour departed again for the northern terminus, with photostops just south of Baldrine, Bonner Corner and the rare location of Ballamoar Top. Upon arrival at Ramsey Car No.16 waited for the arrival of the last service car of the day at 17:25 (the 16:10 ex-Derby Castle), then departed wrong line along the land-side track from Parsonage Road. Arrival back on this non-stop journey at Derby Castle was made shortly after 18:50, bringing the days tour to a close.

The team would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved with the operation of the tour and to all who took part. In total we managed to raise over £400 for the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust Wagon Appeal, and we will be hopefully undertaking yet another tour to this cause in the future!

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