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January 2016

A puzzle…… When Cars 14 to 18 were delivered, at the conductors position on the rear platform, the internal bell was on the left of the bulkhead and the bell lever was on the right of the bulkhead. Within a few years the positions were swapped over, presumably so that the conductor had a better view when giving the motorman “two bells” to start away. The re-positioning of the bell required a new wooden mount; this has been removed from the Douglas end of Car 14 to clean etc. On the reverse of the wooden mounting are these intriguing pencil marks. At the bottom is the name H Lawton and the date 15th Jan 1908. There are also three small drawings, the uppermost of which appears to be a drawing of a tram. There is a bogie, sides, window, clerestory roof, trolley and trolley rope! Is this also the work of Mr Lawton? Did Mr Lawton move the position of the bells in January 1908? © Andrew Scarffe

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