Winter 2017/18 News Update

The Line

Cars No.1 and No.33 at Ballabeg during Baroose Substation testing on the 14th of November. © Joseph Rock

On the afternoon of the 14th of November Cars No.1 and No.33 were used in the testing and final commissioning of the new substation known as Baroose, situated adjacent to the stop at Ballamenaugh. In due course the old substation at Groudle will be switched out. 

Track Renewal is being undertaken on the landside line at Howstrake and Majestic.

Overhead Line renewal is taking place at Summit Corner, with Trailer No.52 in use.

A gallery of works being undertaken to them is available HERE.


‘Winter Saloon’ Car No.19 will be undergoing a repaint for the 2018 season – a gallery of the repaint is available HERE.

Volunteers are carrying out a full repaint of 1893 Trailer No.51 for the 125th Anniversary Celebrations of the Manx Electric Railway. The trailer will be repainted in the livery which it carried in the early 1900s to match Car No.14. A gallery of the works being undertaken is available HERE.

Various general repairs are being made to cars and trailers, a gallery of works being undertaken to them is available HERE.

Car No.9, Car No.16, Trailer No.60, Van No.4 and Wagon No.8 have been moved for storage at Laxey Car Shed for the winter period, alongside Wagon No.10 and Van No.16 moving to the Laxey Goods Shed siding.

Trailer No.45 was moved by Car No.33 to Dhoon Quarry for storage.

LM350 has been moved to the Manx Electric Railway at Dhoon Quarry for assisting the renewals above Laxey. Information about the diesel is located HERE.


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