Sprint Day 2012

Winter Saloons No.19 and No.20 pass at Laxey, 05.06.12 © David Kelly

As part of the Isle of Man TT period, Tuesday 5th June saw the annual Ramsey Sprint Day take place and the M.E.R. took up it’s usual role of providing frequent services for the thousands of people attending the event at the northern end of the line. The annual event usually sees most, if not all, of the M.E.R. fleet in operation, with 2012 being no exception. All the lines serviceable passenger stock was in use to maintain a quarter-hourly service with twelve individual car sets in use on the day for the first time in many years, if not the first time in the 21st century this has happened.

Although the weather remained dismal throughout the day, visitors and tourists alike took advantage of the frequent service on offer with most services running well loaded.

The most notable aspects of the day were the use of Cars 19 and 21 following their return to use two days earlier after their winter overhauls and repaints, and the unusual combinations of Cars 16/57, 33/56 and 21/59. Car No.7 failed in the morning, being replaced by Car No.1, although the former had been made operational again by mid-afternoon. The full list of sets in operation is as below:

Car No.5/Trailer No.43
Car No.7/Trailer No.48 (later working Single Motor)
Car No.19/Trailer No.40
Car No.9/Trailer No.44
Car No.16/Trailer No.57
Car No.33/Trailer No.56
Car No.22/Trailer No.47
Car No.20/Trailer No.58
Car No.32/Trailer No.46
Car No.21/Trailer No.59
Car No.1 (later working with Trailer No.48)
Car No.6/Trailer No.41

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