New M.E.R DVD Release – Manx Electric Railway 2012 Review

Videoscene DVD 2012 Review

February 2013 sees a new Manx Electric Railway DVD release from Videoscene featuring a review of the year 2012.

The 85-minute long production was filmed at various points during the year, including the following:

Spring: Coverage starts on Easter Saturday with Timetable C in operation and four sets in traffic: cars 5+46, 7+48, 9+47 and 22+57. Due to a power failure 5+46 run-round at Groudle. A second spring visit from May features cars 7, 16 and 32 and single line working between Ramsey and Lewaigue.

Summer: Action from the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Manx Heritage Transport Festival with cars 1+59 and Van No.4 to Ramsey on the Friday evening; nine sets in traffic on the Saturday and ten sets on the Sunday including cars 1+40, 16+59, 32+58 and 33+57.

Winter: Due to strike action by bus drivers, a full-blown MER service operated on 20th, 21st and 22nd December with Santa trams on the 23rd . On Friday 21st coverage starts at Laxey at 6am with early morning journeys to Ramsey and the incredible sight of cars 32+57 on the timetabled service, in winter! On the Saturday, the railway is partly closed due to flooding! Car 19 is stuck near to Groudle as flood water covers the rails. In total, nine cars are featured in passenger service: 5, 6, 9, 19, 20, 32, 57, 58 and 59 – the best winter turnout ever recorded.

The DVD is available from Videoscene, priced at £16.00.

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