Evening M.E.R Services

Derby Castle Terminus at 10:25pm, 29th July 2011

On Wednesday and Friday evenings throughout August and and early September, the Manx Electric Railway is host to special evening services to Laxey and Ramsey.

The M.E.R. has not seen regular evening services for over ten years, and they are a welcome return to the lines timetable.

The following timetables are in operation, with the Red timetable (E) in use on Wednesday evenings until the 7th September, and the Purple timetable (G) in use on Friday evenings until the 2nd of September.

These timetables offer the opportunity to see the excellent scenery of the Island from the M.E.R in the twilight hours, with long sunset rays casting over the North Barrule and Bulgham Head. The Wednesday services also offer a link to the Groudle Glen Railway which also operates on Wednesday evenings throughout August, as well as the Snaefell Mountain Railway which also operates evening services on the above dates.

Normal fares and explorer tickets apply to all above services.

For further M.E.R timetable info, check out the Current Timetable page.

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