Crossbench Catch-Up

Car No.32 passing Lag Birrah with the 1510 from Ramsey, 01.09.11. © Paul Molyneux-Berry

The summer period on the Island has seen the lines three operational Crossbench Cars in service.

Paddlebox Car No.16 returned to service in late July after undergoing asbestos removal during the winter and spring. The Car undertook a ‘drying out’ test run to Ramsey in the afternoon of the 22nd July, and returned to passenger service on the 24th. The Car has since seen use on service on at least the 27th July (with Blue Trailer No.48) and 1st September as well as use on Laxey-Groudle shuttles as part of the Manx Heritage Transport events.

Car No.32 has been the allocated Poles and Wires car this year, however it has seen several forays into traffic. The Car was used on Ramsey Sprint day on the 5th June but initially saw no further service due to it’s requirement for the ‘P+W’ team. Despite this, No.32 has seen active service twice since this summer, initially rescuing failed Car 22 south of Bulgham on August 26th, then working the 12:55 Laxey to Derby Castle and following diagrams the same day. The Car next made an appearence in service on September 1st ( a day which saw 16,32 AND 33 in service!) working two return trips to Ramsey. The Car has also put in appearences on the Ultimate Driver Experience courses.

Car No.33 has made several appearences in traffic this year, with known dates for passenger workings including the 5th June, 23-27th July, 30-31st July and 30th September. This is by no means a concise list as the car is known to have worked in service in early August as well as handling most of the Ultimate Driver Experience courses.

With the amount of poor weather on the Island this summer it is perhaps not suprising that the list above is not more substantial however it is still hoped that the Crossbench vehicles can see more use on suitable days, possibly accompanying a closed Trailer such as Nos.57 and 58 should the rain set in!

Thanks to David Kelly and Paul Molyneux-Berry for their information.

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