Car No.24’s post 1930 survival?

The following is an April Fool posted on the site on 01.04.12 – everything below may not be what it seems!

A print marked as 'Tank Wagon at Dhoon 1935'

Our recent archive searchings have found this print, marked as ‘Tank Wagon at Dhoon 1935’. It seems to be a car with the main body removed, the unmistakeable ‘Paddlebox’ features leading us to believe it is Car No.24 post the Laxey Car Shed April 1930 fire, stored on rear of the Dhoon Quarry loading road with some sort of rectangular tank placed on it. The Derby Castle dash-panel appears to have been retained.

Does this mean that the frames of the car were re-used by a crash-strapped M.E.R Co as a Permanent Way vehicle? And when was it eventually scrapped? Although the fire consumed three Cars and several trailers, a majority of items were reused if at all possible.

If you have any further history or photos available, please contact the web team.

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