Car No.7 returns to service

Car No.7 returns to service on 'Mad Sunday' 05.06.11 © David Kelly

Following an intensive overhaul that has taken place since 2006, Tunnel Car No.7 returned to traffic on the M.E.R on the 5th June, known as ‘Mad Sunday’ in the T.T Motorbike Racing world. The Car was joined by matching Trailer No.48 which was too entering traffic after a two year overhaul.

The Car was last in passenger traffic in 2002 (though had not regularly appeared since 2000), surviving in an increasingly worsening state as part of the Permanent Way fleet until Autumn 2006. Since then, No.7 has received a thorough overhaul with a large amount of bodywork being replaced and renewed mainly at the Village Workshop in Laxey. The Car returned to the M.E.R in 2010 and work has been completed over the past year.

No.48 was withdrawn in 2008 following a derailment at Ballafayle Kerruish and has also seen bodywork and structural attention. Both cars have been painted into the 1894 ‘Douglas And Laxey Electric Tramway’ livery which is a welcome change from the more standard M.E.R liveries and will also be a welcome addition to the Victorian Extravaganza planned on the 2nd/3rd July.

It is intended for the Car’s official inauguration to be part of the Manx Heritage Transport Festival in late July.

The pair will now understandably take pride of place in the M.E.R fleet and will no doubt be the center of attention for enthusiasts and tourists alike.

More information on Car No.7.

More information on Trailer No.48.


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