Workings – Car No.22 and Trailer No.62 » South Cape, 08/08/2002

South Cape, 08/08/2002

Car No.22 and Trailer No.62 approach South Cape with a service for Ramsey on the 8th of August 2002. Car No.22 had replaced Car No.9 which had failed with a defect, No.22 and No.62 completing the diagram and stabling at Ramsey overnight.

Car No.22 carries the red and cream bus livery, a unique livery to this car which it carried from Spring 2001 to Autumn 2002. At the time, both Trailers No.61 and No.62 were used on the timetabled service behind enclosed cars due to a shortage of operable 40-series Trailers – a sight not seen regularly since the 1930s. © Travel Lens Photographic

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