Winter 2012/3 Fleet Update

Car No.7 on test, 10.1.13. © Jon Wornham

Car No.7 on test at Port Jack, 10.1.13. © Jon Wornham


  • Car No.1 saw almost unprecedented winter use during the Bus Strike period in late December, appearing on timetabled services on all three days of the strike.
  • Car No.2 has been admitted to the workshops at Derby Castle and is now under overhaul for a return to service in time for the M.E.R 120 celebrations in September. At the time of writing, the car was on jacks with its controllers removed undergoing overhaul, and it is understood that the car may be getting the overhauled Brush D trucks that were under Car No.7 until July 2012, and formerly from under Car No.27.
  • Tunnel Cars Nos. 5 and 6 made regular appearences in traffic in December and January, having initially being decorated with ‘Santa Tram’ vinyls for the December services, and as part of the Bus Strike operations in both months.
  • Car No.7, following fitment of a pair of overhauled Brush D trucks fitted with roller bearings, appeared on test on the 10th January. The car has also been fitted with hi-intensity headlights similar to those carried by Car No.22.
  • In a similar fashion to Tunnel Cars Nos. 5 and 6, Winter Saloons Nos. 19 and 20 have remained in regular service throughout the winter with both cars gaining festive vinyls for the Santa Tram duties. These remained in place in mid-February however both Cars were used on the January strike services with these intact.
  • No.21 has suffered a number of power shortage issues over the Winter. The 1899-built Car was prepared and vinyls applied for the Santa Tram services however the Winter Saloon did not run in service for these or either of the Bus Strike services. A test run took place on the 31st January however it is understood that some minor problems remain.
  • No.22’s Douglas-end Brill 27cx truck has been removed for repair following axle issues in July 2012, with the Winter Saloons Douglas end now placed on top of a spare Brush D originally from under Car No.7.
  • As per Car No.1, No.32 made similarly rare appearences in service as part of the Bus Strike services in December.
  • Car No.33 has gained a pair of temporary cabs fitted to allow the car to be used over the winter months. These cabs are in a similar style to those carried by Car No.1 in the 1970s, and by Car No.27 in the early 2000s.


  • Following the return of Trailer No.60 to traffic, attention has been turned to the revival of 1893-built Trailer No.51, which will be restored to service in time for the M.E.R. 120th Annivarsiary event on the 7th September.

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