Summer 2012 Fleet Update

Newly repainted Car No.21 and Car No.32 stand at Ramsey, 28.07.12 © David Martin


  • Car No.1 returned to active service on the 20th April following attention to it’s trucks. The 1893-built pioneer spent a day on a private Charter before entering passenger service on the following Monday. This is the first time the Car has been in public use since October 2010, although the Car was used for a private hire in May 2011. The Car was also used to carry the Olympic Torch between Derby Castle and Laxey on the 2nd June.
  • Car No.2 was moved for the first time in over a year on July 22nd, the Car being put on display outside Derby Castle Top Shed alongside No.1. No.2 remains out of service awaiting repairs to its trucks and the decontamination of asbestos from its controllers in line with the serviceable fleet.
  • Car No.6 has not seen its rumoured truck swap and has returned to the active fleet.
  • Car No.7 has been stopped following motor issues at Minorca on the 20th July.
  • Freshly repainted Cars 19 and 21 returned to active service on ‘Mad Sunday’ 3rd June as part of the intensive TT timetable. Both cars have been painted in the ‘standard’ fleet livery as also carried by Cars 5, 6, 9 20 and 22.
  • After spending some time in the ‘Hospital Roads’ at Derby Castle, stored Car No.29 has been moved back into the Top Shed.
  • Car No.32 returned to service in late April following repairs to it’s electrical issues, and has spent time in passenger service as well as it’s regular Overhead Line Department duties since.
  • The above allowed No.33 to return to passenger use, with the Car making surprisingly frequent appearances throughout June and July.


  • All three 1930-built Trailers (Nos.40, 41 and 44) returned to service during May following repaints during the winter months at Derby Castle.
  • 1903-built Trailer No.43 has, for the first time in 109 years, had side kicker boards fitted. The boards, ex Trailer No.41, were fitted in May.
  • Trailer No.55, withdrawn in 1997, has been moved to the ‘Hospital Roads’ in Derby Castle Bottom Shed.
  • Trailer No.60 is currently undergoing attention in the Bottom Shed at Derby Castle. At the time of writing, the body of the Trailer was suspended on trestles while the trucks received attention. It’s understood that the Trailer will return to service in time for the 2013 season.

Wagons & Permanent Way

  • Work continues on the three Wagons under the care of the Laxey & Lonan Heritage Trust, with Van No.16 being the focus of attention during the Spring.
  • Locomotive No.34 has seen sporadic use this year, being ‘dried out’ and returned to service on the 1st June. The ex-Snaefell No.7 was undergoing load tests at Derby Castle with Trailer No.43 on the 31st July.
  • A new addition to the fleet is ‘RF308‘ , although the Wagon does not have a number in the M.E.R. fleet as of current.


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