Summer 2011 Fleet Update

Car No.5 awaiting the return of its overhauled trucks, July 2011.

Motor Cars

  • 1893 Cars 1 and 2 remain out of use however it is believed that both Cars will see attention during the winter. No.1 made several appearances in the Derby Castle yard area as part of the Heritage Transport Festival in July.
  • Work on Tunnel Car No.5 continues, with its repaint almost completed and awaiting lettering. The Car is now awaiting the return of its trucks and traction motors (currently under overhaul) and is hoped to rejoin the active fleet in early 2012.
  • Tunnel Car No.7 returned to active service after a two year overhaul on ‘Mad Sunday’ 5th June, and has made regular appearances in service before its official relaunch on the 30th July. As expected, the Car has been fitted with a centre partition and transverse seating.
  • Car No.16 saw its controllers stripped of asbestos during the first half of the year, with the Car returning to service on Sunday 24th July (on a rare working to Ramsey!) , having ran on test two days previously.
  • All four Winter Saloons are now in regular service however Nos. 19, 20 and 21 all spent small periods out of traffic with minor faults. It is understood that Cars 19 and 21 will be repainted during the winter.
  • Paddlebox No.26 remains at Laxey however the car has not been removed from its accommodation trucks as expected, nor has it had its trolley pole removed, hopefully meaning the car is a candidate for a return to service.


  • Trailer No.48 has returned to service alongside Car No.7, being painted in a matching Blue/Ivory livery. The Car was in seen in service several times (with and without No.7!) before it’s official relaunch on the 30th July.
  • Trailer No.51 has not seen service this year, and is awaiting fitment of a replacement pair of wheelsets which is understood to be carried out this winter.
  • Trailer No.57 is also undergoing overhaul and is planned return to service in time for the autumn season.

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