Spring & Summer 2014 Fleet Update

A selection of past & present Winter Saloon articfacts on display at Derby Castle, July 2014.

A selection of past & present Winter Saloon articfacts on display at Derby Castle, July 2014.

March to September 2014


  • 1893-built Car No.1 received attention to its roof over the 2013-4 winter however dewiring has remained an issue. The Car has also had its footsteps repainted into a red livery to match the rest of the car. Both No.1 and No.2 have been used extensively throughout the season.
  • The fleet of Tunnel Cars, now in their 120th year, have had little changes of note. No.6 has entered traffic with freshly repainted dash panels and No.9 has also seen minor attention to its trucks including the painting of white-wall tyres.
  • Crossbench Car No.16 saw workshop attention to its bearings throughout June and July, returning to service in time for its booked appearences at the July Manx Heritage Transport Festival. Unfortunately further issues with the bearings saw No.16 fail at Ballagorry on the 3rd August, returning to Derby Castle the next day with the defective motor having been removed on site.
  • Ratchet Car No.18 saw a brief return to the limelight as part of the Manx Heritage Transport festival when it was deep-cleaned and placed on display outside Derby Castle Car Sheds, having not worked in service since 2000.
  • Winter Saloon No.19 gained the painters attention during the winter, with both end dash panels repainted and white-wall tyres added.
  • Car No.20 returned to active service following completion of its winter repaint on the 9th May.
  • As expected, No.32 has remained as the Laxey-based Wire car for most of the season, seeing a return to passenger use during the busy TT period and the July transport festival.
  • Car No.33 has worked regularly throughout the summer months, only seeing one minor failure on the 3rd August however the 1906-built Car returned to service two days later.


  • The sporadic use of No.43 seems set to continue with the 1903-built trailer having only made a handful of appearences this season, although it is fully fit for traffic.
  • No.51 spent most of spring out of use, following a derailment at Laxey with the vehicle, being the lightest trailer on the railway, causing minor issues on the new pointwork to the north of the station. The Trailer has seen regular use on Ramsey services throughout the summer.


  • Following testing throughout late May, Open Wagon No.10 returned to active service for the first time since 2000 as part of the Manx Heritage Transport festival, making an appearence on the Thursday of the event prior to an official launch on the Sunday.
  • Tower Van No.12, moved to Derby Castle last November,  returned to Laxey in mid-July and has been placed on display in the Blacksmith Siding area alongside Vans 3 and 16.
  • Restoration work on Van No.16 has continued with members from the Laxey & Lonan Heritage Trust team having painted the body into its 1960s green livery and hand-written signwriting.

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