Spring 2012 Fleet Update

A freshly repainted Car No.19 inside the top shed at Derby Castle, April 2012. © David Kelly

Motor Cars

  • 1893-built Car No.1 has seen attention to it’s trucks and has been on test during March with a return to service planned in the short term.
  • Tunnel Car No.5 underwent several test runs during March and April, having regained it’s pair of trucks and following the completion of bodywork repairs and a repaint, with the Car re-entering service over the Easter weekend.
  • Car No.6 is understood to be currently undergoing repairs and was out on test on the 5th April, however a rumoured truck swap for this Car has not yet taken place.
  • Winter Saloons Nos.19 and 21 have been repainted over the winter months at Laxey Car Shed and Derby Castle Paint Shop respectively. Neither Car has yet entered service and now carry the ‘standard’ livery as carried by No.22.
  • Following the re-emergence of electrical faults, Crossbench Car No.32 has been withdrawn for repairs, with No.33 taking its place on Overhead Line duties.

Cars in passenger service this year (up to 09.04.12) are Nos 5, 7, 9, 20 and 22. Nos 1 and 6 have worked on test and No.33 has worked with the Overhead Line and Permanent Way departments.


  • All three of the 1930s-built Trailers (Nos.40, 41 and 44) have been repainted during the early months of 2012, with 41 completed during March and 40/44 during early April. All three have been repainted into their previous liveries.
  • Winter Trailer No.57 has re-entered service after an 18 month overhaul following withdrawl in Summer 2010. The Car ran alongside Trailer No.58 on the first day of service.

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