Winter/Spring 2015 Fleet Update

Car No.2 hauling Wagons No.8 and No.10 at Ballaskeig, 19/04/2015. © Andrew Scarffe

Car No.2 hauling Wagons No.8 and No.10 at Ballaskeig, 19/04/2015. © Andrew Scarffe


  • Car No.5 has now entered traffic for the season following attention to a traction motor, which had failed upon drying out. Cars No.6, No.7 and No.9 have all been in use in the Spring period.
  • Ratchet’ Car No.14 was moved from storage in Laxey Car Shed to Derby Castle on March 25th, for the commencement of a full overhaul which will see the car restored to operational use. Work has since started on the car, with attention first given to the roof and clerestory.
  •  Car No.16 is currently awaiting a period of mileage accumulation to allow the bearings to bed in, which had failed in service in August 2014, subsequently repaired during the Winter.
  • Three of the ‘Winter Saloons’ have received works attention during the Spring, with Car No.20 and Car No.22 both receiving new internal seat moquettes and covers. Car No.21 has received a overhaul to its trucks, with the traction motor casings now painted silver, and the addition of whitewall tyres. Car No.19 has also been in use during the period.
  • Cars No.32 and No.33 have seen passenger use during the Spring for the Rush Hour event, with No.32 receiving a partial touch-up and repaint before the conclusion of the event and a return to Overhead Line duties.
  • Snaefell Car No.5 has a full external repaint at the Snaefell Car Shed, being outshopped in the regular Red, White and Teak livery, albeit with Snaefell Mountain Railway lettering instead of the Manx Gaelic previously applied.
  • Four Brush ‘D’ trucks previously underneath Car No.2 and Car No.7 were moved into ‘Road 0’ during late March to allow for further space at the Derby Castle Car Shed site.


  • Trailer No.43 was in use for a period in April around the ‘Rush Hour’ event, the first time it had been used since the Spring of last year.
  • Trailer No.46 has been out-shopped from Derby Castle Car Sheds in a coat of the usual Red, White and Teak livery, following similar repaints to Trailers No.40, No.44 and No.47 during the Winter period.
  • Trailer No.59 is currently stored following a derailment and flange issues at Ballagawne during March, pending rectification and further testing.


  • Following restoration by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust, Open Wagon No.8 returned to active service in the M.E.R fleet as part of the Rush Hour event, making an appearance on the Saturday of the event alongside previously restored Open Wagon No.10. Both were in use with Car No.2 on a photo-charter on the 19th of April.
  • Restoration work on Van No.16 has continued with members from the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust team inside the Laxey Goods Shed, with a proposed completion date of June.

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