Autumn 2013 Fleet Update

September to November 2013

Laxey Car Shed, 2013

Trailer No.47 awaiting repaint in Laxey Car Shed, November 2013 © Alex Fairlie


  • Car No.26 and Car No.31 (both stored in Laxey Car Shed) have had their K12 Controllers removed for rectification/overhaul.
  • Car No.20 has been partially stripped for a repaint, which should be undertaken during the new year.


  • Trailer No.47 had been moved to Laxey Car Shed by early November for repainting over the winter months.
  • Overhead Line Trailer No.52 has received additional bracing and brackets to its framework for the hanging of overhead wire during the Autumn period.


  • The November 2nd ‘Winter Photography’ Day saw the largest amount of freight stock in passenger trains for a number of years, with Tower Wagons No.1 and No.12 being drawn out of Laxey Goods Shed into the station for photo-graphical display. In addition, the post-restoration running debut of Wagon No.10 took place, running in convoy with Wagon No.8 into the station from the Blacksmiths Siding.
  • Due to the imminent commencement of the Laxey track relay, Wagon No.1 and Van No.12 both had their tower platforms removed for onward transit to Derby Castle Car Sheds, with Wagon No.1 tripped down by Car No.7, and Van No.12 by Car No.20 on the 4th of November.


  • Simplex No.40S280 moved back to the Manx Electric on the 4th of November, for use with the track relay at Howstrake. It has since been in use with Permanent Way Trailer No.45.


Motors & Trailers that worked on passenger duties in 2013 were:


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