The 1893 Originals – 27 – Axles and Withdrawals

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With both Cars 1 and 2 now in similar liveries once again, both appeared frequently on specials throughout the mid and late 2000s. However, due to axle inspections being undertaken on the entire fleet, both were deemed unsuitable for use in Spring 2009. After further inspections, the pair returned to traffic in the Summer, passed for limited use.

However, the restriction inevitably saw both cars earmarked for withdrawal during the late 2010 season. Car No.2 was withdrawn from traffic in September 2010, after operating alongside Car No.1 at the ‘Manx Heritage Tramway Gathering’. It had operated on the Thursday with Trailer No.44, and then on the Thursday with Trailer No.58, running the unadvertised 09:10 Derby Castle to Laxey, and usual 09:55 return. They were then swapped on arrival for Car No.20 and Trailer No.46. Car No.1 was similarly withdrawn after operating a few dates single-motor in October, making this the first time that the entire class had been taken out of use at the same time in their entire career.

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Car No.2 is pictured here with Trailer No.58 waiting to work the unadvertised stock working to Laxey, on the 22nd of September 2010.

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