Waiting Shelters – Derby Castle Grand Canopy (1896-1980)

Constructed in 1896, complete with full ornamented gabling, fan windows and clock tower, The Grand Canopy covered the Horse Tram tracks completely, and provided shelter for Manx Electric Railway passengers.

The gabling, windows and clock tower were removed in the mid/late 1940s, and replaced by a normal-style flat roof. A large hoardings was hung on the side afterwards, a black text on white background hoarding with ‘Laxey-Ramsey Electric Railway Station Snaefell Mountain’ from 1955-1958, later repainted to have yellow/orange text on a black background, which ran from 1959-1966. (The hoarding was removed each winter) A smaller hoarding was carried at the north end of the canopy at points from 1969-1974.

The canopy was demolished in Spring 1980 due to apparent safety concerns, with only the bottoms of the posts visible today.

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