Structures – Ballure Bridge (1899)

Ballure Bridge was built in early 1899 as part of the extension from the temporary M.E.R. terminus at Ballure (opened the previous year) to the centre of Ramsey. A large bridge was required to span the deep Ballure Glen immediately after the temporary terminus, and a two span steel bridge (with a span of 160 feet) was designed by the lines chief engineer, William Knowles, and built by Francis Morton & Co. of Garston, Merseyside.

The bridge has remained virtually unaltered since its construction however the once-open viewpoints in earlier photos are now somewhat disguised by tree growth in the glen, obscuring the bridge and the glen floor. During Winter 2014/15 it underwent an extensive overhaul and refurbishment.

Car No.22 crosses Ballure Bridge with the 15:40 Ramsey to Derby Castle on the 16th of April 2017. © Colin Clifton

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