Buildings – Derby Castle No.2-No.5 Car Sheds (1894-1996)

Derby Castle’s No.2 Car Shed was constructed in 1894/95, to house the expanding M.E.R Car and Trailer fleet. In 1895/96, two more followed, No.3 and No.4 (arranged from left to right No.2, No.4 and No.3), the latter closing the gap between the other two and opening both out.

A Paint-shop was located at the rear of of the No.2 Car Shed with a set of doors, which were closed during the Winter Months to allow painting (during Summer the doors were opened for use as a Car Shed).

In 1925 No.5 Car Shed was constructed, a ‘Lean-to’ extension of the No.4 Car Shed, and was added to provide dedicated cover for the Enclosed Trailer Fleet (No.57, No.58 and No.59). This replaced the Cattle Dock Siding, which was previously located there from 1903. In November 1996 all four structures were demolished, and replaced by todays 1997-built Car Shed.


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