Traffic was ran between throughout the system, first beginning in 1894, using the departure stops at Derby Castle, Ramsey and Laxey, and the postboxes at: Majestic, Groudle Glen, Baldromma, Baldrine, Ballabeg, Laxey, Glen Mona, Ballajora and Belle Vue. For the purpose, a few of the M.E.R Conductors were sworn in as Postmen, allowing them to open and collect from the Postboxes when required.

Mail being loaded into Van No.3 during the late 1960s. © Travel Lens Photographic

All M.E.R Vans (Nos 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16) were used on this traffic when required, Vans No.15 and No.16 being lettered with ‘G.R Royal Mail’ from construction for the purpose. Carriage officially ended from September 30th 1975, due to the lack of a winter service and no further running from Laxey to Ramsey (which was re-instated in 1977, but the mail contract was not renewed)

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