Manx Electric Railway Timetable B


Intermediate stops are by request other than Laxey.
To alight at a request stop, inform the conductor which one you would like on boarding.
To board, give a clear hand signal to the driver.

Enthusiast Information:
This is a 3 set timetable, with 2 sets starting at Douglas, and 1 at Laxey. They work the following diagrams:

D1 – 09:40 Douglas-Ramsey, 11:10 Ramsey-Douglas, 12:40 Douglas-Ramsey, 14:40 Ramsey-Douglas, 16:10 Douglas-Laxey

D2 – 10:40 Douglas-Ramsey, 12:10 Ramsey-Douglas, 14:10 Douglas-Ramsey, 15:40 Ramsey-Douglas

L1 – 10:55 Laxey-Douglas, 11:40 Douglas-Ramsey, 13:40 Ramsey-Douglas, 15:10 Douglas-Ramsey, 16:40 Ramsey-Douglas

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