Over the years, several books have been written on the Manx Electric Railway, as well as several videos and now, in the 21st century, DVDs. The following is a list of the main publications over the years.


Although many books have been published on the M.E.R, no enthusiast’s collection should be without the following pair of publications.

  • Keith Pearson’s 1993 ‘One Hundred Years of The M.E.R’ is a reprinted and edited version of his 1970 book, ‘Isle of Man Tramways’ and contains a definitive record of the M.E.R from construction through to the centenary year.
  • Mike Goodwyn’s 1993 ‘Manx Electric’ contains a more technical overview and provides an insight into various operating practices of the M.E.R.

Both Mike and Keith were well known and respected as two knowledgeable M.E.R enthusiasts and their books are recommended, if becoming a little harder to find having been out of print for some years.

(although several books have been written featuring partial M.E.R content, the following is a list of books focusing on the M.E.R as a whole.)

Title Author Publisher and Year
Manx Electric 1957-1962 J H Price Light Railway Transport, 1962
Isle of Man Tramways F K Pearson David and Charles, 1970
Manx Transport Kaleidoscope M Goodwyn M.E.R.S, 1977
Manx Electric Railway Album R Preston Hendry & R Powell Hendry Hillside Publishing, 1978
All About The Manx Electric Railway M Goodwyn M.E.R.S, 1988
Manx Electric M Goodwyn Platform 5, 1993
100 Years of the Manx Electric Railway Keith Pearson Leading Edge, 1993
Scenes From the Past 17 – M.E.R Norman Jones Foxline, 1994
The Manx Electric Railway Barry Edwards B&C Publications, 1998
Trams on the Isle of Man, 1946-Current Stan Basnett Lily Publications, 2008
Douglas-Laxey-Ramsey Tom Heavyside Middleton Press, 2010
Manx Electric Railway – A Modellers Inspiration Robin Winter Tramway Light Railway Society, 2010
Manx Electric Railway Saga
R Powell Hendry
Alan Gordon Publications, 2011


Title Publisher
Isle of Man Railways Steam 125 – A Celebration Oakwood Video
Travelling With The Motorman On The Manx Electric Railway Oakwood Video
Inside The Manx Electric Railway
Hillside Publishing
The Railways and Tramways of the Isle of Man Transport Video
Manx Railways – Through the Years Oakwood Video

Manx Railway Centenarians – A Celebration Oakwood Video
Isle of Man Year of Railways 1993 – Part 1 J G Productions
Isle of Man Year of Railways 1993 – Part 2 J G Productions
Isle of Man International Festival of Railways Snaefell Centenary – Part 3 J G Productions
Railways of the Isle of Man – Official Video IOM Dept of Tourism / Transport
Rails of Man – The trains and trams of the Isle of Man John Cocking
Ramsey To Douglas Cabride – DVD
Videoscene/Train Crazy
A Journey on the Manx Electric Railway – DVD Great Railway Videos

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