T.L.P ‘Evening Experience’ Tour 04/08/10

Another TLP tour, another unusual combination! This year’s ‘Electric Experience’ evening tour ran with Crossbench Car No.33 with two trailers – a bizarre combination of ‘Royal Saloon’ No.59 and Small Bulkhead No.51! A ‘motor’ with two trailers is an unusual occurence in itself, however an ‘open’ car with both an open and a closed trailer is very rare indeed!

The tour ran from Douglas to Ballaskeig and return, with a buffet and live music provided at Laxey on the return journey.

Car No. 33 with trailers 59/51 at Laxey on the T.L.P 'Evening Experience' charter, 04/08/10

The tour departed Derby Castle at 18:30, with photo stops at Garwick Glen, Laxey, Ballagorry Substation, Ballaglass and the new ‘charter stop’ at Bulgham. Unfortunately the rain didn’t hold off for the evening – meaning the appearence of  trailer No.59 was welcomed! However some sunshine was had on the northbound run between Garwick Glen and the Dhoon, meaning for some fantastic lighting effects on the stretches between Ballabeg and South Cape, and Minorca and Ballaragh.

Although passenger loadings were quieter than last year’s ‘Electric Experience’, a good time was had by all who participated – thanks to TLP for running another excellent M.E.R tour!

Last updated 19/08/10

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