Pie in the Sky – Exploring the Moon

Friday 22nd April / Saturday 23rd April 2016

Take this great opportunity to look at our nearest celestial neighbour, The Moon, which is full on Friday 22nd at 21:40 BST. Look through one of our telescopes, and if its clear you will be able to see the seas (or Mare) and some craters on this barren, and desolate surface. look for yourself at the Descartes region where the Apollo 16 crew landed in April 1972. The giant planet Jupiter will also be clearly visible, just below the constellation of Leo the Lion, and we may also be able to spot some bright shooting stars from the Lyrid meteor shower.

If cloudy there will be an illustration by one of the IOM Astronomical Society members about Mans exploration of the Moon.


Departs Derby Castle at 18:40, Return by illuminated tram at 23:00

Fares and How to Book: 

£32.00 per person (including return tram travel and meal)

 Bookings are are available online at https://iomrailways.ticketsolve.com/, with full terms and conditions enclosed within.

Operational constraints may apply. Over 18s only.

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